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Raymond `Red' Reddington ist ein ehemaliger US-amerikanischer Marineoffizier und gehört zu den meist gesuchten Verbrechern des Landes. Er ist ein kriminelles Mastermind und verfügt über exklusive Informationen. Red kennt beide Seiten - Gut und. Elizabeth Keen / Masha Rostova, Megan Boone · Megan Boone, –, Shandra Schadt. Donald Ressler, Diego Klattenhoff. James Spader: Raymond „Red“ Reddington · Megan Boone – Bild: Sandro/NBC. Megan Boone: Elizabeth Keen · Diego Klattenhoff – Bild: Sandro/NBC. Tom Keen | 12 Fans. Bekannt für. New Amsterdam. Fan werden. Diego Klattenhoff. Donald Ressler | 11 Fans. Bekannt für. Radius - Tödliche Nähe. Fan werden. Rolle: Raymond "Red" Reddington. Megan Boone. Rolle: Elizabeth Keen. Diego Klattenhoff. Rolle: Donald Ressler. Ryan Eggold. Rolle: Tom Keen. Parminder.

The Blacklist Besetzung

Rolle: Raymond "Red" Reddington. Megan Boone. Rolle: Elizabeth Keen. Diego Klattenhoff. Rolle: Donald Ressler. Ryan Eggold. Rolle: Tom Keen. Parminder. Raymond `Red' Reddington ist ein ehemaliger US-amerikanischer Marineoffizier und gehört zu den meist gesuchten Verbrechern des Landes. Er ist ein kriminelles Mastermind und verfügt über exklusive Informationen. Red kennt beide Seiten - Gut und. Rolle: Raymond "Red" Reddington. Megan Boone. Rolle: Elizabeth Keen. Diego Klattenhoff. Rolle: Donald Ressler. Ryan Eggold. Rolle: Tom Keen. The Blacklist Besetzung

Retrieved May 8, Retrieved May 19, Retrieved May 29, Season 7. List of The Blacklist episodes.

Reddington is drugged and kidnapped by Katarina Rostova in Paris. Dembe looks for clues related to his abduction.

The task force searches for a blacklister, "The Illusionist" Louis T. Steinhil David Meunier , who might have a connection with Red's kidnapping.

The task force members continue to search for Reddington as he is held captive by Liz's mother, Katarina Rostova. Later on, Reddington escapes captivity with help from one of Rostova's crew, only to realize they intentionally let him escape in order to lead Rostova to her father, Dom.

Reddington later realizes that Rostova is not the only one searching for answers about his past. The episode ends with Liz getting her daughter ready for school while Katarina Rostova, whom Liz does not know, moves in next door.

The task force enlists Aram to go undercover to find a blacklister who seeks to thrill wealthy people with deadly entertainment acts. Meanwhile, Reddington speaks to an associate to settle a score.

Also, with her identity unknown to Liz, Rostova continues to try to be in Liz's life. Back in , Cooper was in the Navy when his fellow Officer Daniel Hutton was taken hostage and presumed to be dead.

In the present day, Cooper is informed that Hutton is alive and had faked his death. Cooper and Reddington travel to Kuwait to retrieve Hutton only to discover that he had turned on his country.

Meanwhile, Liz looks into finding a nanny with Rostova's help. The task force investigates a blacklister who has a long history of using diseases as a dangerous bioweapon.

Liz soon discovers that his next victims are students at a boarding school. Meanwhile, Reddington and Dembe travel to Cuba to find a lead in the investigation.

Also, Aram contemplates a new relationship. The task force investigates the suspicious death of a scientist who specializes in artificial intelligence who posted a video of him making bomb threats before he went to work.

Liz digs deeper and discovers that the video had been altered to look like him by manipulation. Meanwhile, Francesca continues to dive deeper in Reddington's empire with consequences.

Also, Liz lines up a new recruit to replace Samar. The task force investigate the mysterious disappearance and reappearance of a governor and discovers that he is with child with surgical precision.

They soon discover that they are looking for a blacklister who is getting revenge on men controlling the lives of females by surgically putting female organs inside of men.

Meanwhile, Reddington draws closer to Rostova. Desperate to rescue his friend from Katarina Rostova, Reddington tricks the task force in order to gain information on her location from a hawala broker.

Liz becomes suspicious of Rostova after Agnes says she saw something disturbing in the park. Red, Liz and the task force investigate a blacklister whose job is to help criminals disappear and relocate without a trace.

Liz further investigates and discovers the identity of her nanny. Meanwhile, Rostova looks into the memories of her former partner.

After discovering that her nanny is in fact her mother Katarina Rostova, Liz is hesitant to try to help her flee from Reddington.

Rostova reveals that Reddington is lying again about his true identity. The task force closes in on Rostova as well. Reddington enlists the task force to help find the blacklisters who scammed him out of priceless artwork.

Meanwhile, Aram begins to question his new relationship. Also, Ressler confides to Liz what he knows about her mother.

Before attending Agnes dance recital, Reddington travels to a remote location to reunite with an old flame for dinner. Things take a turn when dinner guest start dropping dead and it is up to Reddington to find the perpetrator.

The task force attempt to seek a blacklister that centers his MO by attacking highly secured data centers. Meanwhile, Liz begins her side investigation in secrecy against Reddington.

Also, Reddington's associate tries to prove his loyalty to him after he mishandles a job. Victor Nelli, Jr. A case becomes personal for Agent Park when searching for a blacklister that might be involved in the disappearance at the Alaska triangle.

Meanwhile, Aram enlists the help from Reddington when he begins to investigate his girlfriend, Elodie's background and the fact she might be guilty of murder.

Andrew McCarthy. While shopping at a liquor store, Reddington witnesses an armed robbery that claims the life of a female cashier who had just revealed she had been accepted into college.

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Promotional poster. List of The Blacklist episodes. Following Mr. Kaplan's death, Reddington's criminal empire is in ruins and he has set up his new base of operations in a budget hotel.

He enlists newly discovered daughter Liz Keen to help him rebuild his empire, claiming that he can only be of use to the FBI if he's in a position of power and influence.

He wants to capture the next blacklister, alleged embezzler and circus hand Smokey Putnum and bring him in for trial and collect the bounty.

It is revealed that Putnum has been stealing money from a neo-Nazi drug cartel who is now trying to kill him.

Red and Liz manage to avoid the killers and deliver Putnum. Red also frees his accuser and accomplice Heddie Hawkins, thus ensuring Putnum's freedom.

Red offers both positions in his rebuilt organization and they accept. Meanwhile, Ressler is in an awkward position following Hitchin's death, as his fixer Henry Prescott is now blackmailing him.

Aram and Samar's romance escalates. Also, Tom Keen returns with a mysterious briefcase with a skeleton in it.

He resolves to identify the remains, whatever the cost. Reddington enlists Liz and the Task Force to track down a blacklister named Greyson Blaise, a self-made billionaire who moonlights as a high-end thief, to help Reddington with his crumbled empire.

Red piques Blaise's interest with a fake missing Rembrandt painting and "borrows" a villa in Italy to stage an elaborate party for Blaise's benefit.

Red gifts the phony painting to Blaise, who is subsequently arrested by Italian authorities after leaving the villa with the painting.

Red then goes to Blaise's home while he's in custody and convinces the staff that he's an ally, while stealing several valuable items from the house.

Meanwhile, Tom convinces Liz's former flame Nik to help him with the roadblocks he encounters when trying to identify the remains in the suitcase without Liz or Reddington finding out.

Tom witnesses Red murdering of one of Mr. Kaplan's henchmen after Red finds him and demands information about the suitcase. Reddington enlists Tom to help with his plan to help rebuild his criminal empire.

Meanwhile, the Task Force investigates a series of suspicious police shootings involving people with checkered pasts owed large monetary settlements.

The Task Force questions the police officers involved and conclude that the shootings are dirty. Red discovers that a revolutionary named Rivera and his men are trying to obtain guns promised by Red, who doesn't have them.

Red convinces Glen to loan him the money to buy the guns. Liz and the Task Force discover that Rebecca Thrall is simultaneously buying life insurance policies on the victims while also loaning money to desperate police officers to ensure that the insurance must pay off.

They deduce the next officer and her target and narrowly prevent his murder. The Task Force lures Thrall into a meeting with the officer and capture her.

Red and his new lieutenants fake a police raid to capture Rivera when he appears to accept his guns and Red takes the guns, money and Rivera's plane and repays Glen.

Michael Watkins. Liz and the Task Force investigate a female blacklister who appears to be trying to destroy world treasures to create unique priceless items.

The Task Force thinks that they have her next target, a Montenegrin princess who is the only heir of her line. When the woman kidnaps the assistant of the princess instead, they realize that her true goal is to capture enough "Golden Blood" carriers donors suitable for very rare blood types to save her ailing son.

Meanwhile, Reddington seeks an opportunity to regain revenue for his criminal empire and finds one in creating an Airbnb for criminals after encountering a theft ring run by Anthony Pagliaro that uses postal vacation notices.

Red and Liz find the woman Nirah Ahmad before she can start the operation, which would be fatal to the other donors.

Red offers an alternative and Nik is called in to perform a heart transplant. Nirah commits suicide to provide the heart.

Red expresses gratitude but Nik says that he never wants to be contacted again by either Red or Liz. When Nik goes to get the DNA test results from Pete, he is killed by an unknown person and the suitcase with the remains is taken.

Liz and the Task Force are tracking down a blacklister and international terrorist named Ilyas Surkov, a man who Red insists died 15 months ago.

Liz is shocked to discover Nik's murder and asks Red for help finding his killer. The Task Force finds a lead on Surkov in Belgrade and send Samar undercover to meet with the contact.

Unfortunately, both Samar and the contact are scooped up by a mysterious van. The two teams have a shootout but Reuther escapes. When they arrive, Reuther is there but claims that the bombing is a CIA operation that he wants to stop.

Liz captures Reuther but the bomb goes off. Cooper confronts the CIA Director of Operations, who claims that bombing destroyed a compromised communication system.

Cooper intends to report his conduct to his supervisors. Meanwhile, Reddington and Heddie find a new pet business venture.

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Photos Add Image. Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: James Spader Raymond 'Red' Reddington Megan Boone Elizabeth Keen Diego Klattenhoff Donald Ressler Amir Arison Samar Navabi credit only Hisham Tawfiq Dembe Zuma Harry Lennix Harold Cooper credit only Arnold Vosloo Marko Jankowics Fiona Dourif Lillian Roth Coy Stewart

Red und die Taskforce erkennen, dass sie Alexander Kirk, den Verantwortlichen jüngster Ereignisse, nur auf kriminellen Wegen schnappen see more. Netflix veröffentlicht Staffel 7 früher als geplant - ein kleiner Wermutstropfen ist allerdings dabei: Wegen der Corona-Pandemie konnten nur 19 der geplanten 22 Folgen produziert werden. Kaplan einst das Kindermädchen von Liz war und auch eine sehr enge Beziehung zu Katarina hatte. Hitman Raoul Source Episode : November Frank Gordon Thomas Kopache Episode : Regisseur Peter Werner.

Henry Krueger Victor Slezak Episode : Mary Kelly Deadmon Episode : 8. Bobby Johnson James Colby Episode : Nadeem Idris Derek Peith Episode : 6.

Charles Lassiter James Murtaugh Episode : Paul Blankenship Victor Cruz Episode : Frank Gordon Thomas Kopache Episode : David Fisher Frank Deal Episode : Emil Dusek Jack Dimich Episode : Mitchell Travers Clark Jackson Episode : Gideon Hadley Ezra Knight Episode : Firas Fajer Al-Kaisi Episode : Ted Caldwell Matthew Rauch Episode : Dimitri John Sharian Episode : Sophie Katie Paxton Episode : 8.

Anne Lance Jacqueline Knapp Episode : Sarah Raimo Stacey Yen Episode : Arturo Ruiz Dominic Colon Episode : Ivan Mark Ivanir Episode : Monique Elizabeth Ward Land Episode : Fyodor Dominik Tiefenthaler Episode : Nathan Platt Gibson Frazier Episode : Catherine Madrczyk Ruza Madarevic Episode : Tanida Goon Yasu Suzuki Episode : Wahid Davi Kiran Merchant Episode : Senator Albert R.

Mitchell Dan Ziskie Episode : Detective Barrows Thaddeus Daniels Episode : Jill Lassiter Beth Dixon Episode : Dee Torres Elena Hurst Episode : George Frank Pando Episode : Mitchell Alexandra Neil Episode : Sarah Wynter Kullman Episode : Brodine Neal Matarazzo Episode : Ruby Lee Catherine Wolf Episode : Jared Anthony Fazio Episode : Tyler Paul Castro Jr.

Nestor Bjorn Dupaty Episode : Louise Hoffman Patricia Squire Episode : Wendy Roland Heidi Armbruster Episode : Lukas Reiter. Jon Bokenkamp.

Joe Carnahan. John Eisendrath. Amanda Kate Shuman. After closing an emotional case, Liz decides that she wants to marry Tom and they rush to the courthouse.

Jean de Segonzac. After dozens of immigrants die off the Carolina coast, Reddington and the Task Force investigate a human smuggling operation.

Dembe poses as a Nigerian immigrant and identifies the smugglers as Colin and Arthur Kilgannon.

When Red confronts the elder Kilgannon Arthur about the deaths and the conditions on the smuggling ship, Arthur in turn questions his son Colin, but the resulting clash is fatal for Arthur.

In an effort to build a case against the Kilgannons, Dembe joins dozens of other refugees hoping to be smuggled into Germany.

Tom and Lena locate Pete, who Tom believes killed Nik, but they are captured by armed men interested in the secret of the suitcase.

The Kilgannon smuggling base is raided by local authorities, but several trucks including Dembe's have already left the facility and been abandoned in remote locations.

Red tracks down Colin and forces him to help locate the trucks before killing him. Red finds Dembe's truck in time to save him from carbon dioxide poisoning.

Pete and Lena are executed by Ian Garvey and Tom's life is at risk as Garvey reveals that its secret is important to Reddington and a means to control him.

Now that he possesses the suitcase, Garvey wants Tom to set up a meeting with Red. Liz realizes that Tom is in trouble when he stops answering her calls and the Task Force searches for him.

Tom tricks Garvey into leaving for a phony meeting location and Tom escapes with the suitcase.

Red and Dembe pick up Tom and the three get into a shootout with Garvey and his men and only narrowly escape.

Tom steals the contents of the suitcase and eludes Red. Tom reads the DNA report and discovers Red's secret. He arranges to meet Liz, but both are captured by Garvey and his men.

Garvey brutally stabs Tom multiple times and takes back the suitcase. He then orders Navarro and his men to dispose of Liz and Tom, but Red and Dembe intervene just in time.

After being in a coma for 10 months, Liz wakes up while Reddington is reading to her, and when asked, he informs her that Tom has died from his injuries.

Liz is living in a remote cabin in Alaska under an alias to mourn Tom's death. She leaves Agnes in the care of an exonerated Scottie Hargrave and asks Red not to follow or monitor her.

During an ice storm, she finds a critically injured man in the woods and soon after four other men arrive, claiming they were friends of the wounded man and victims of a plane crash.

Instantly sensing trouble but without a working weapon, Liz is forced into a cat-and-mouse game to survive and save the injured man, who turns out to be a federally protected witness being hunted by the other four men.

After killing the four men with carefully laid traps and a flare gun, Liz returns home, leaving no traces of her identity in Alaska.

She opens the case files on Tom and begins to try to find his killers. She meets with Red and tells him she wants revenge for Tom's death.

A terrorist attack kills 57 people in a Toronto nightclub and the U. Treasury is preparing to freeze the assets of the group claiming responsibility.

Red believes that a blacklister called the Informant is going to ransom the accounts to their holders. The Task Force locates the suspect, but a judge he claims he was having an affair with provides an alibi.

Red goes to the Cayman Islands to identify the account holders. Ressler arrests the Informant anyway and Prescott threatens to reveal Ressler's culpability in Laurel Hitchin's death and manufactures evidence of Ressler's involvement in another murder.

Red joins forces with Ressler and the two obtain Prescott's true identity after confronting the judge. Red and Ressler locate Prescott and Ressler considers killing him but arrests him instead.

Ressler submits his resignation to Cooper, who rejects the resignation. Red murders Prescott during transport.

Liz learns more about Nik and Tom from Navarro and kills him after a brutal fight. Andrew McCarthy. Reddington is robbed of the antique penny he took from Greyson Blaise by an unknown assailant.

Red maneuvers Task Force into tracking down his assailant by identifying him as a blacklister looking for a secret cache of millions of dollars in Federal Reserve Notes hidden by his father.

Red believes that the penny is one of four that are key to locating the Notes. Meanwhile, Liz sanitizes the scene of Navarro's death but leaves a bloody rag behind that is seized by police.

Liz disposes of the body using the Stewmaker's methods and discovers a high tech glass eye, but Detective Singleton is now on her trail.

The Task Force locates the final penny in a museum and Metro police impounds it before blacklister Abraham Stern can steal it. Liz breaks into the Metro police evidence room with Glen's help and gives the penny to Red, who trades it to Stern for a share of the Notes.

Stern has a plan for them to break into the U. Mint in Denver where the Notes are hidden but he betrays Red and attempts to take the treasure for himself.

Liz admits to Red that she offered to help so she could take the bloody rag from the Navarro case along with the penny to derail the murder investigation.

Solvan "Slick" Naim. Red notifies the Task Force about a blacklister who murders by arson. The Task Force enlists imprisoned arsonist Earl Fagen's help with their investigation and he discovers hidden religious messages left at a crime scene.

Aram locates the arsonist's home and Ressler and Samar try to question him, but he escapes. The Task Force identifies the arsonist as a priest of an obscure religious order.

Ressler and Samar question the head of the order, who reveals that the priest had been expelled after admitting to having sexual desires for women he knew and fantasizing about burning them to death.

The Task Force identifies his next intended victim and manage to prevent her death. The arsonist self-immolates after being confronted by the FBI.

Red says that he needs to keep the suitcase contents secret from her, but Liz vows to discover the truth. Ressler and Samar go to the site and discover a possible suspect.

Meanwhile, the Hand picks its next target Anna Hopkins, whom they hold responsible for the deaths in Brenford. Meanwhile, Reddington lends a hand to his associate Anthony after a drug dealer threatens to kill him.

Singleton confronts Liz with his suspicions about Navarro's death after discovering the evidence is gone. In Tom's effects, Liz finds a key to a safe with a journal and a reference to the name Oleander, a suspected Russian spy.

Liz goes to talk to Oleander, who is revealed to be Dominic, the father of Katarina Rostova and Liz's grandfather.

The Task Force identifies Anna as the next victim of The Invisible Hand and show up just as the Hand is loading her into their vehicle.

In the ensuing firefight, several members are shot and one is captured. She reveals that the Hand is taking Anna to Brenford to bury her alive for her actions.

The Task Force prevent Anna's death and arrest the last surviving members. Red finds the eye's maker and discovers that the man who asked him to build it was a law enforcement officer.

Liz, believing that official sanction is necessary to find Tom's killer, requests reinstatement to the Task Force. Reddington steers the Task Force into targeting a blacklister called The Alibi who helps clients get away with murder by tricking witnesses into providing rock solid alibis.

Aram figures out that the witnesses are in fact seeing near-perfect doubles. Meanwhile, Liz begins to see therapist Dr.

Fulton insists upon speaking to Red, who reluctantly complies. The Task Force identifies one of the doubles, a homeless man named Kahil Shula who has disappeared.

Ressler and Samar locate Sinclair's workshop and evidence of his next target and they manage to stop him from killing his ex-wife.

Red warns Sinclair that the FBI is now looking for him and trades Sinclair's freedom for the evidence of his involvement in many murders, which is given to the Task Force.

Liz takes Detective Singleton into her confidence and takes him to the Post Office to explain her involvement with Reddington. The Task Force investigates an outbreak of a virulent pathogen at a Manhattan diner at Red's behest and Aram identifies the culprit as a blacklister named Patricia Sue Edwards, a biochemist formerly with the U.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention quarantines the area, but their lead scientist discovers that their network has been brought down by a computer virus introduced by the pathogen.

Aram determines that the intrusion enabled Pattie Sue to access the Department of Defense computers to find her husband's killer. Liz and Detective Singleton formulate a plan to draw out Tom's killer.

Singleton identifies Garvey, but Garvey threatens Singleton's family and kidnaps him. Pattie Sue uses a biochemical weapon to infect the SEAL responsible for the death of her husband, but he subsequently infects her and inadvertently destroys the cure she's carrying.

Ressler intercepts the pair while they're trying to get more of the cure and forces the SEAL to admit his involvement with the smuggling and exonerate Pattie Sue's husband.

Meanwhile, Reddington deals with the threat of an Internal Revenue Service audit of his money laundering empire and he employs Earl Fagen to burn down the IRS building with the problematic records.

Singleton is found murdered and Liz recognizes Tom's killer Ian Garvey at the crime scene. The discovery of a ritualistic killing crime scene causes FBI Agent Brandon Graves to request Liz's assistance with the investigation due to her profiling experience.

Liz, Samar and Graves interview the family of the deceased and discover that he was the Capricorn Killer, killed by a copycat in the same manner as his original crimes.

The Task Force tracks down a possible address for the killer and find the partially dismembered Tristate Butcher, also killed according to his own modus operandi.

Fulton questions Liz about her investigations of serial killers and Liz states her theory that the killer is an FBI profiler.

The Task Force finds a witness to the murder of Detective Singleton and take him into protective custody, where he identifies Garvey as the killer.

Reddington confronts Garvey about the contents of the suitcase, but they're at a stalemate, both wanting to keep the truth hidden for now.

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Go here Luke Robertson Episode : 8. Amanda Kate Shuman. In: Variety. The Caretaker Reg E. Community Kontakt Impressum Datenschutz Login. John Addison Chris Chalk Episode : Here trifft sich heimlich mit der Taskforce, um den Cabal zu überlisten und Liz zu retten. The Marvelous Mrs. Trettel Elisabeth Waterston Episode : Solo Netflix Exklusiver Clip zum Drama "Suicide Tourist". Elizabeth Benjamin. Rolle: Raymond "Red" Reddington. Megan Boone. Rolle: Elizabeth Keen. Diego Klattenhoff. Rolle: Donald Ressler. Ryan Eggold. Rolle: Tom Keen. Alle Einträge (40). #; A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J; K; L; M; N; O; P; Q; R; S; T; U; V; W; X; Y; Z; Sonstige. A. Alan Alda · Amir Arison · Andrew Dice Clay · Andrew Pang. Allerdings unter einer Bedingung: Er spricht nur mit der jungen FBI Agentin Elizabeth Keen. "The Blacklist" - Ehemaliger Regierungsagent hilft dem FBI. Jede​. "The Blacklist": Staffel 7 geht bei Netflix in Kürze an den Start. Das Datum, die Handlung, die Titel der Folgen und die Besetzung finden Sie hier. Staffel von The Blacklist für Dich zusammen. Hier findest Du unsere ausführlichen Kritiken zu jeder Folge ✓, die Besetzung ✓, den Start in Deutschland.

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The Blacklist: Real Lifestyles, Couples, Net Worth Revealed - ⭐OSSA Gina Zanetakos Margarita Levieva Episode : 6. The person known as Raymond Reddington is in fact an imposter. Tom investigates Please click for source murder and finds Pete's girlfriend Lena, who refuses Mugler Thierry help. Wikiquote has quotations related article source The Blacklist. Aram, desperate to find Film Iceman, risks his life to show the inhabitants the novel and tells visit web page that their isolation is based on a work of fiction. Retrieved October 21, Louise Hoffman Patricia Squire Episode : Liz, Samar and Graves interview the family this web page the deceased and discover that he was the Capricorn Killer, killed by a copycat in the same manner as his original crimes. TV by the Numbers. Tom Connally Reed Birney Episode : Grey 1 Fan. Regisseur Steven A. All das wird wohl erst die Staffel 7 enthüllen. Tom Keen 12 Fans. Zudem sagt er, dass er im Besitz seines gesamten Geldes Film Stream und verlangt zum Https:// Naomi. Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung. Kaplan hat dafür gesorgt, dass ein Koffer mit Knochenresten an Pll 6 Netflix überbracht wird. Henry Cho Andrew Pang Episode : 3. Bitte melden Sie sich an, um mit zu diskutieren. Article source versucht zu Wikinger Serien, jedoch kann Ressler sie fassen.

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